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If you'd bought $
of #Bitcoinevery weekfor the last
years, you'd have spent $2,610

Today, you would have $30,838.44 worth of #Bitcoin

What is dollar cost averaging (DCA)?

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) is a strategy many investors use, where people invests a fixed amount of money over fixed time intervals, such as every week or every month, without checking prices and stress.

Dollar cost averaging is mostly used by people who are looking to invest in Bitcoin for the long-term, since it protects them from potentially allocating all their capital at once.

How dollar cost averageing works (with an example)?

Meet Patricia 💃

Patricia decided 5 years ago, to start investing $10 in #Bitcoin every week.

During this period Patricia would have invested $2,610 of her own money.

If we sum up that all together, today Patricia's investment would be worth $30,838.44 of #Bitcoin converted to USD.

What is Lump sum investing?

Unlike dollar cost averaging where investment is devided across time intervals, lump sum investing is an amount invested all at once.

How lump sum investing works (with an example)?

Meet Robert 👨‍⚕️

Robert started investing 5 years ago, and at that time, Robert invested $10 in #Bitcoin. With the price development over this time period, Robert would have $759.55 worth #Bitcoin today.

DCA Calculator

Calculate DCA for your favorite coins

RankNamePriceMarket cap
#1Bitcoin logodca Bitcoin BTC$58,513$1,097,689,537,158
#2Ethereum logodca Ethereum ETH$4,743.23$557,641,121,229
#3Binance Coin logodca Binance Coin BNB$651.2$108,905,153,505
#4Tether logodca Tether USDT$1$74,701,051,728
#5Solana logodca Solana SOL$226.5$68,893,696,675
#6Cardano logodca Cardano ADA$1.62$51,589,782,852
#7XRP logodca XRP XRP$1.02$47,614,687,592
#8Polkadot logodca Polkadot DOT$38.25$40,322,515,566
#9USD Coin logodca USD Coin USDC$1.01$38,789,455,200
#10Dogecoin logodca Dogecoin DOGE$0.22$28,514,673,410
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Lump Sum Calculator

Calculate Lump Sum investments for your favorite coins

RankNamePriceMarket cap
#1Bitcoin logolump-sum Bitcoin BTC$58,513$1,097,689,537,158
#2Ethereum logolump-sum Ethereum ETH$4,743.23$557,641,121,229
#3Binance Coin logolump-sum Binance Coin BNB$651.2$108,905,153,505
#4Tether logolump-sum Tether USDT$1$74,701,051,728
#5Solana logolump-sum Solana SOL$226.5$68,893,696,675
#6Cardano logolump-sum Cardano ADA$1.62$51,589,782,852
#7XRP logolump-sum XRP XRP$1.02$47,614,687,592
#8Polkadot logolump-sum Polkadot DOT$38.25$40,322,515,566
#9USD Coin logolump-sum USD Coin USDC$1.01$38,789,455,200
#10Dogecoin logolump-sum Dogecoin DOGE$0.22$28,514,673,410
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