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Lump sum investing calculator for FTX (FTT) backtesting

Price development of FTT

Investing $100 in FTT on Jun 2022 would result in $97.14 today! Bought for $24.83 per 1FTT. -2.86


Summarised data regarding your investment.

3 months (91 days)
Total investment
$100 (14 investments)
Value in FIAT
Value in crypto
4.027142781259981 FTT


Balance of your asset valuation

Estimate the development of your earnings over time

DateCoin priceAverage priceInvestmentFIAT Balance (usd)FTT purchased with $100Profit/Loss %
6/30/2022$24.83$24.83$100$1004.027143 FTT0.00%
7/7/2022$26.28$24.83$100$105.854.027143 FTT+$5.85
7/14/2022$24.94$24.83$100$100.454.027143 FTT+$0.45
7/21/2022$28.78$24.83$100$115.894.027143 FTT+$15.89
7/28/2022$29.41$24.83$100$118.454.027143 FTT+$18.45
8/4/2022$29.12$24.83$100$117.264.027143 FTT+$17.26
8/11/2022$31.35$24.83$100$126.234.027143 FTT+$26.23
8/18/2022$30.09$24.83$100$121.24.027143 FTT+$21.20
8/25/2022$27.56$24.83$100$110.974.027143 FTT+$10.97
9/1/2022$26.63$24.83$100$107.254.027143 FTT+$7.25

Lump sum investing

What is Lump Sum?

Lump sum investing is an amount invested all at once, as opesed to dollar cost averaging where investment is devided across time intervals.

People choose this investment strategy when long term growth of an asset is foreseen (investopedia).

Source: investing in Bitcoin from January 2021.


When should I start?

Lump sum investing is one of the simplest investment strategies and finding the best time to start might be tricky. We suggest invisting in market during corrections or when a long term growth is inevitable.

Source: investing in Bitcoin whole 2020 Vs. only the second half of 2020